BGMC Values

An Inclusive Community

We believe that the umbrella of God’s love, as seen in Jesus Christ, is big enough for everyone to welcomed, regardless of your age, size, bank balance, or political views.  We think that church should be a place that welcomes those who believe in God some of the time, or none of the time, or all of the time. We understand God to be ‘team’ or ‘community’ of persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – who are diverse and dependent on each other. We see this as a great starting point for our life as a church – being people who learn from one another’s diverse experiences and perspectives, listening to others and respecting them, even when we disagree. We believe that love, not doctrine, holds us together.

A Worshipping Community

We seek to equip and support each other in the task of following and worshipping Jesus in all the different areas of life we find ourselves in. This means worship is not just about what we do on Sundays but allowing God to invade all that we do each day. We aim to understand how this call to worship relates to the life of our contemporary society – the media, family, politics, sport, the arts etc. We believe it is important to take the bible seriously, but not always literally.

A Prophetic Community

We are committed to identifying and affirming what is good and identifying and opposing what is evil, and living as best we can in the mess in the middle. We are committed to working and praying for God’s kingdom of justice, peace and hope to be present in our church, local community and wider world, believing in our role in seeing God’s ‘renewal of all things’. In our projects and activities, we value the many partnerships with different community groups – voluntary and statutory – in helping to make Tower Hamlets a peaceful, just and hopeful place to live and work.

A Community of Disciples

We believe that Jesus’ life, death and resurrection offers a radical vision of life in all its fullness and we are committed to learning what it means to faithfully and authentically follow him in our 21st century urban situation. We believe that in our changing and diverse world, God gives all people the chance to experience this fullness of life. We seek to look beyond our local and national community and be aware of how we can be involved in God’s work in different parts of the world. We support projects and people in various situations overseas including China, India, and Africa.

A Sacrificial Community

We believe that following Jesus involves putting others before ourselves, accepting vulnerability, and seeking to live humbly. In this we seek to reflect the generous, life-giving nature of God. We recognise that the Christian life is ajourney of discovery about God, ourselves and our world and that living out all these values practically is something which we are constantly learning to do.

Child Protection

Since a lot of our work is with children and young people, we are committed to ensuring rigorous child protection procedures are in place. Below is an extract – a policy statement – from our larger and more comprehensive Child Protection Policy.

Bethnal Green Mission Church is committed in all areas of its work to providing a safe, and welcoming environment, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.
Any of BGMC’s work amongst children and young people (a “child” or “young person” is defined as being a person under the age of 18) carries a particular responsibility for their protection, well-being and development and every adult shares a measure of responsibility in this.  We take seriously the charge given by Jesus to welcome and protect children.
It is the responsibility of every adult to prevent the physical, sexual, emotional or spiritual abuse of or the neglect of children and young people and to report any actual or suspected abuse that comes to light.
All those who wish to work with children or young people will be subject to the agreed procedures for the appointing of workers.
BGMC is committed to supporting, researching and training those who work with children and young people and to providing adequate supervision.
Each worker with children and young people will be given a copy of the child protection policy with agreed procedures, confidentiality and support policies and codes of conduct and will be expected to observe all of them.