The Feast


The Feast Tower Hamlets is committed to Christian and Muslim young people being able to explore faith, become friends and ultimately, to see lives and communities changed.

Our local story started to take shape in 2010 when Alex Alexander, Shadwell pastor at E1 Community Church and Mark Hutchings from BGMC travelled to Beirut, Lebanon for an international youth work conference that focussed on interfaith dialogue. There they met with Dr Andrew Smith, The Feast’s founder and now the Interfaith Advisor to the Bishop of Birmingham. A Local Leadership Group was established in Tower Hamlets which initially piloted some faith encounters and started fundraising for a youth worker.

In February 2014, Dumaeza Nhlapo joined The Feast as our first Tower Hamlets Youth Worker. He has been busy getting to know people from the different faith communities, starting to run encounters and being involved in training youth workers and volunteers in the London area. If you would like to join us on this journey or want to find out more, click on the Feast logo. If you would like to donate to this work click here and tick the “Tower Hamlets” box on the Donations Form.

Dumaeza and Mark